About Us

Columbine Insurance was founded as an independent agency with the goal of having the efficiency of a small, family-owned company, but also the horsepower and experience of a large national agency.  With this goal in mind, we teamed up with Continental Insurance Agency Alliance (CIAA) at the local level to add 100+ years of experience to our team, and SIAA at the national level to provide us with unparalleled access to all major insurance carriers. In 2018, our group wrote over $7 billion in premiums. As an independent agency, we are able to work with the best insurance companies, third-party providers, and industry professionals to provide our clients with smart, cost-effective insurance coverage. We work closely with our clients to identify and measure risks and offer solutions tailored for their specific needs. We pride ourselves on being nimble and truly client-focused.


Our Insurance Partners

 Header photo by Larry Johnson on Flikr